If you are a piano teacher in New England, we invite you to join our community of dedicated piano teachers. For less than $10/month, discover the benefits of NEPTA membership: connect with other teachers, expand your studio, learn from today’s top educators, and provide performance opportunities for your students!

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Benefits of NEPTA Membership

  • Join a network of esteemed professionals in a supportive community
  • Watch inspiring presentations by leaders in the field of piano pedagogy
  • Participate in-person or watch live-streamed events from anywhere
  • Study summaries of all presentations and access recorded videos since 2020
  • Perform in member recitals and masterclasses
  • Share practical ideas in Teachers Exchanges hosted by members
  • Expand your studio with our teacher referral database
  • Learn through mentorship
  • Apply for Continuing Education Grants
  • Receive a generous Senior/Student Membership Discount
  • Save with a 10% group discount with Yesterday Service Sheet Music
  • Give students performance opportunities in different styles and genres
  • Provide competitions for students in middle school and high school

Membership Dues

NEPTA Active and Associate Member annual dues are $95. For members over the age of 65, Senior membership dues are $60. Student membership dues are $60. Dues for a two-member household are $130.

Types of Membership

Active Membership is available to anyone with a degree or diploma in music with a concentration in piano, or a minimum of five years of piano teaching with proof of study in the areas of piano pedagogy, music theory, and applied piano.

Active members enjoy all benefits of membership* and are entitled to participate in all NEPTA activities, vote, and hold office. Individuals 65 and over qualify for Senior Membership rates. The active membership year runs from June 1st through May 31st.

*To enter students in recitals or competitions, members must join before December 1st.

Associate Membership is available to anyone who does not meet the requirements for active membership, but is interested in the activities of NEPTA. Associate members may not enter students in recitals or competitions, vote, or hold office, but may attend any NEPTA programs without charge.

Student Membership is available for those up to and including the age of twenty-two who are pursuing a music degree at accredited colleges or college-level music schools. Student members may not enter students in recitals or competitions, vote, or hold office, but may attend any NEPTA programs without charge.

Prorated Membership: New members joining between January and May are eligible for a prorated membership, which will be automatically renewed on May 1st.


NEPTA welcomes as members people of all races, religions, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, physical abilities, and backgrounds. We believe that our community of piano educators grows ever stronger in a vibrant, supportive and diverse atmosphere.


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Questions about joining NEPTA? Contact Membership Chair Margaret Cheng Tuttle at membership@nepta.com


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