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How to choose a piano teacher

Learning to play the piano is a meaningful and joyful experience and one that requires commitment on the part of the student, parent and teacher. As you embark on this process of finding a teacher for your child, it is important to search for that ability to inspire a love of music and to impart the skills necessary in becoming a well-rounded musician.

As you contact each potential piano teacher, having a list of questions will help you narrow down the choices. Make sure you and your child interview with the teacher to assess individual goals and expectations while analyzing the chemistry between student and teacher.

Here are some sample questions to ask during this interview process:
  • What age groups do you teach?
  • Do you teach in a private studio, at an institution such as a community music school, or in the student’s home?
  • What is your training and how long have you taught piano?
  • What are your practicing expectations for your students?
  • What role do parents provide for the child? Are they expected to sit with the child during lesson or practice time?
  • What is your teaching style? (It’s helpful to describe your child’s learning style to the teacher too.)
  • What emphasis is put on note reading, technique, theory, improvisation or composition, memorization, and musical expression?
  • Do you offer opportunities for performing? Are recitals or evaluations a requirement?
  • Do you teach a specific method such as Suzuki?
  • What are your studio policies and fees?

Wishing you a successful musical experience for your child, and hope that it leads to a lifelong love of playing the piano.

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