Meeting September 2021

Ingrid Clarfield:“Keeping Music Alive After 50 Years and Still Learning. Pedagogical Tips from A to Z”.     Handout and Suggested Repertoire

Meeting March 2021

Andrea Kalyn: “Creative Confidence and the Culture of Practice”

Meeting February 2021

Artina McCain: “Kaleidoscope: Introducing Students to Underrepresented Composers”

Meeting October 2020

Steven Mayer: “Gottschalk: From Chopin to Creole”

Meeting September 2020

Donal Fox: “The Art of Making Mistakes, and the Art of Discovery, Transformations, Variations and Improvisations

Meeting February 2020

Christopher Fisher: “The Secret Ingredient for Piano Teaching Success: The Powerful Role of Parents

Meeting October 2019

Elizabeth Eschwé:“Clara Schumann’s Life and Love: a Scenic Recital on the Occasion of her Bicentennial”

Meeting September 2019

Marvin Blickenstaff: “Curriculum Innovations for the New Year”

Meeting October 2018

Jiayan Sun: “Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven: Fantasieren, or Improvisation, as the Focal Point of Their Music”

Meeting September 2018

Wynn-Anne Rossi: “Creative Composition Toolbox” and “American Music: Jazz Meets Latin”

Meeting March 2018
Bruce Brubaker: “Again and again: Minimalism and Postminimalistic Piano Music”

Meeting February 2018
Dr. Julie Knerr: “152 Strategies for Effective and Efficient Teaching” and  “Lost Gems of the Piano Repertoire”

Meeting January 2018
Seymour Bernstein: Examining Chopin’s Notational indications

Meeting September 2017
Catherine Kautsky: Teaching Debussy: A Gateway to Story-Telling, Pedaling, Coloration, and Imaginative Listening

Meeting March 2017
Lisa Parker: Getting Off the Piano Bench

Meeting October 2016
Patrick Gannon: Musicians are Athletes Too: Lessons from Sport Psychology

Teachers’ Exchange November 2015
Sarah Takagi: Authentic Musicality and Understanding through Improvisation

Meeting October 2015
Phillip Kawin: Essentials of Tone Production and Pianism

Meeting September 2015
Gerald Klickstein: Teaching Performance Skills

Teachers’ Exchange April 2015
Eugenia Gerstein, Catherine Hirata: Teaching Music Theory and Ear training

Meeting March 2015
Dr. Yoheved Kaplinsky: The Dorothy Taubman Legacy: Myths and Facts

Meeting January 2015
Sandra Rosenblum (Chair), Deborah Yardley Beers, Miriam Gargarian and Sivan Etedgee: Neglected Corners of the Piano Repertoire

Teachers’ Exchange Minutes April 2014
Lisa Caliri, Nancy Morgan, Robert Finley – Teaching adults: Pedagogy and opportunities beyond the studio

Meeting March 2014
Joseph Smith: From Tundra to West Texas: Folksongs in Piano Literature

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