Apply Now for A Grant To Enrich Your Pedagogy Training!
Available to all NEPTA Teachers Meeting Eligibility Requirements
Deadline to receive all materials: May 1, 2024
Contact: Michael Shea – Email

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Every year one NEPTA Member will be awarded up to $500 to further their professional growth and enrichment by enrolling in a continuing education course, workshop, seminar or conference in piano pedagogy. These topics may include:

  • Teaching Basic Piano
  • Using Technology in the Studio
  • Theory or Composition
  • Eurhythmics
  • Student Development Skills including Technique and Repertoire

To qualify:
1) Recipient must have been a NEPTA  member for two years.

2) Each grant recipient must report on their experience, either in writing or at a Teacher’s Exchange meeting.

3) Applications are due by May 1st.

The Susan B. Demb Teacher Enrichment Fund was established in honor of retired member Sue Demb for the purpose of fostering teaching excellence. Sue joined NEPTA in 1969 after then-President, Mildred Freiberg, invited her to a meeting. She was just beginning to teach in Belmont and found inspiration and support through NEPTA. Over the years Sue served on the Board and as Corresponding Secretary, where she implemented a database to maintain the membership list and print mailing labels. Learning to use Microsoft Access enabled her to manage numerous aspects of membership information, and the job was later redefined as Administrative Assistant, including many additional clerical aspects of NEPTA.

Sue was instrumental in bringing NEPTA to the First Parish of Watertown when parking in Boston at the previous location became difficult. In 1995, when the church had an opportunity to replace its Steinway M with a Steinway B, Sue organized a fundraising campaign for the newly-rebuilt piano through NEPTA concerts and member donations. As a result of these efforts, NEPTA ultimately contributed almost 50% of the necessary cost.

In 2003, Sue voluntarily created a website for NEPTA, and continued to revise and maintain it over the next several years. Upon her retirement from website design in 2009 (Sue’s other business), was turned over to a new webmaster the following year. Since that time, Sue has continued her valuable advisory role, testing and troubleshooting the process of new NEPTA website features, and contributing as an active participant in the Website Committee. Trying to find problems and talking html code with the webmaster is Sue’s idea of fun. This Fund honors Sue’s immeasurable and ongoing contributions to NEPTA.


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