Thoughts on Mentoring:
  • Mentoring is a way of “giving back” the knowledge and support that a mentor has received.
  • Good mentors don’t imagine themselves as “rescuers”; they are listeners who care, who are non judgmental, and who encourage others to grow.
  • Mentors are happy to share their expertise and experience.
Mentor responsibilities:
  • As a NEPTA member and Mentor you are bound to adhere to NEPTA’s Code of Ethics.
  • You, the Mentor, are responsible for supervising your piano students at all times.
  • The Mentee should not be left alone with the student.
  • The Mentee should not interfere in the piano lessons.
  • Any questions should be asked after the lesson so that piano lessons are not interrupted.
  • The Mentee should not teach your students at any time while he or she is a Mentee.
  • Confidentiality is crucial to the program’s integrity. The Mentor takes full responsibility for maintaining the confidential and private nature of all records and information about the students and their families who are participating in the NEPTA Mentoring Program.
  • Full names and contact information of students will not be given to the Mentee.
  • The comfort of the piano student is of the highest priority at all times. If the student is uncomfortable in being observed during a lesson, you, the Mentor, need to speak to the parent, and if necessary, request that the Mentee not observe that particular student.
  • Make any requests of the Mentee clear. For example, you may request a certain dress code, that the Mentee be punctual, and that the Mentee notify you if she or he cannot observe lessons as planned.
  • Any documents the Mentee signs will become, and remain, part of the NEPTA Mentoring Program files.
Before any lesson observations can begin, you must:

Fill out the Application for Mentors.

Access the following documents here and follow instructions:

  • Sign Billing Agreement.
  • Sign Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Fill out the Introductory letter to parents, about the NEPTA Mentoring Program.
  • Send the Introductory letter and Parental Permission Form to all parents of participating students. In the case of two parents not living together, a Parental Permission Form must be obtained from both parents.
  • At the end of the mentoring period, you need to fill out the Evaluation by Mentor form.

Return all signed forms, including the Parental Permission forms to the NEPTA Mentoring Program Chairperson.

An Advisor (a NEPTA Mentoring Program Committee member) will be assigned to you. If you have any questions or concerns about the program, you should contact your Advisor.

NEPTA Code of Ethics
Commitment to Students
  • The teacher shall conduct the relationship with students and families in a professional manner.
  • The teacher shall respect the personal integrity and privacy of the students and families unless the law requires disclosure.
  • The teacher shall clearly communicate the expectations and policies of the studio to both students and parents.
  • The teacher shall encourage, guide and develop the musical potential of each student.
  • The teacher shall treat each student with dignity and respect, without discrimination of any kind.
  • The teacher shall respect the student’s right to obtain instruction from the teacher of his/her choice.
Committment to Colleagues
  • The teacher shall maintain a professional attitude and shall act with integrity in regard to colleagues in the profession.
  • The teacher shall respect the reputation of colleagues and shall refrain from making false or malicious statements about colleagues.
  • The teacher shall refrain from disclosing sensitive information about colleagues obtained in the course of professional services unless disclosure serves a compelling professional purpose or is required by law.
  • The teacher shall respect the integrity of other teachers’ studios and shall not actively recruit students from another studio.
Committment to Society
  • The teacher shall maintain the highest standard of professional conduct and integrity.
  • The teacher shall accurately represent his/her professional qualifications.
  • The teacher shall strive for continued growth in professional competencies.
  • The teacher I encouraged to be a resource in the community.
  • The teacher is encouraged to further the aims of NEPTA by active participation whenever possible.

Adapted from the Music Teachers National Association Code of Ethics, with permission 6/6/2005.


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